Test Ride Website

Book a test ride at your preferred Kawasaki road bike dealer.


Kawasaki Motors UK has a convenient web based tool for motorcyclists to book a test ride at their preferred Kawasaki road bike dealer.

Via an on-line test ride web site called www.kawasakitestride.co.uk, those interested in a demonstration ride of a particular Kawasaki model can use one of two easy routes to find a machine.

By either entering their postcode and preferred machine, or by selecting a Kawasaki road bike dealer and then a model that the dealer has on their test ride fleet, customers can make a booking using a simple interactive form. As soon as the form is submitted, the chosen dealer is automatically informed of the request and can make contact with the site visitor to arrange the test ride.

The good news does not end there. The web page, which can be opened as a stand alone site or via the Kawasaki Motors UK home page, will also include the possibility to test ride whatever pre-owned Kawasaki machinery the dealer has in stock and has declared a demonstrator machine. Understandably, in all cases whether the machine is new or pre-owned, those wishing to take a test ride have to meet the test ride criteria of the selected dealer.

Recognising that the ability to try before buying is key part of many riders purchasing decision. The Kawasaki test ride web site adds yet more customer convenience according to Sales and Marketing Manager for Kawasaki Motors UK, Michael Johnstone.

“There has been a facility on our web site previously to locate a demonstrator machine, but this new bespoke site takes the process to a much higher level.

Whether you know the name of your local dealer and want to find a machine to test ride, or have a machine in mind but are new to the Kawasaki road bike dealer network, there is a quick and simple solution just a few mouse clicks away.

We are confident that the chance to ride a machine in such an easy and straightforward way will result in many more Kawasaki customers in the year ahead.”