MCI - Buy with Confidence

New help for motorcycle customers to avoid hidden costs and faulty bikes

If it’s too good to be true – it might just be. That’s the main message behind a scheme to protect motorcycle consumers from rogue traders.

The Buy With Confidence website gives customers clear information about the quality assurances that come with buying a new motorbike, moped or scooter from an MCI member (Motorcycle Industry Association).

The scheme was set up at the request of MCI members, who were concerned about some internet based companies competing aggressively on price, while making huge compromises on quality and service.

A new code of practice will give peace of mind to customers buying from MCI members, protecting them from issues which have been reported from buyers of less scrupulous manufacturers and importers. These include hidden costs, poor quality machines, expensive and limited availability of parts as well as unclear protocol over delivery, assembly and registration.

Road bikes bought from MCI members will always be ready-assembled and safety checked. In addition, the Buy With Confidence website sets out clear pathways for any problems, should they arise. To see which manufacturers are members of the MCI and for tips on ‘what to look out for’ when buying a new bike - the website is now live at

‘Hopefully this scheme will reduce the number of stories we hear about customers who’ve had bad experiences buying from the internet and will help place the high standards offered by MCI members as the norm for the whole industry.’

An ADR service exists for any dispute concerning scooter or motorcycle that cannot be resolved. 
Kawasaki Motors is fully committed to delivering the highest levels of customer care. As a subscriber to the Motorcycle Industry Association's Buy With Confidence programme, an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service is offered in the unlikely event you are not satisfied with the outcome of a dispute. The ADR service is administered by an independent and impartial partner, you can write to them at:
The National Conciliation Service
First Floor
2 Allerton Road
CV22 0PA

Telephone: 01788 538317