Warranty Plus

It's True - A Further Two Years Factory Extended Warranty

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Investment Protection

Your new Kawasaki is much more than just the purchase of a high quality engineering product. It's an investment in engineering and technology that will benefit from dedicated servicing and protection.

WarrantyPlus extended warranty programme provides you with all that is needed to ensure your investment pays dividends year after year, in terms of long and reliable service. WarrantyPlus is the easy, hassle free way to keep you going, wherever you go.

As soon as the original factory warranty ends WarrantyPlus steps in, without you ever noticing it. It extends the warranty coverage of your machine for as many miles as you may care to travel. If a part that is covered by the plan fails due to a manufacturing defect, Kawasaki will repair or replace the part without any charge - simple as that. No surprises and no charges for labour or parts. If it's covered it's covered.

The cover could easily pay for itself. In the unlikely event your machine does breakdown the labour and parts cost could exceed the cost of the entire programme value. Even better, when the time comes to sell or trade in the machine the cover is transferable to the next owner at no additional charge increasing the resale value.

Easy Application for Extended Coverage - Do It Now!

Can anyone offer you better comprehensive extended coverage than Kawasaki - or make it simpler? We don't think so. Just ask your Kawasaki dealer to complete your registration. All it takes is one easy application. Need time to think it over? The plan can be purchased at any time within the original factory warranty period.

Peace of Mind

Look no further. WarrantyPlus can provide all the security you are looking for.

Be Assured It Will Travel The Distance With You

Kawasaki is committed to making your experience with a Kawasaki product a happy and lasting one, by developing service programmes that will benefit you and your machine not only at the time of purchase, but right until the time you decide it is time for another Kawasaki.

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