31 July 2019 UK Kawasaki Technicians reach K-TEC Master Level

A number of highly skilled Technicians have achieved the uppermost level of accreditation available to UK authorised Kawasaki dealers in the form of K-TEC Master qualification. 
Providing a stage for elite Kawasaki technicians to showcase their expertise, the K-TEC Master program allows individuals to be acknowledged as highly trained and competent in their profession. The program involves a rounded assessment on technical ability as well as diagnostics and other skills with focus on customer service, mentoring in the workplace and more.

Kawasaki UK Technical & Customer Services Manager, Richard Metcalfe believes that the K-TEC Master program is a fundamental component of the Kawasaki Motors UK Training Academy, saying, “The K-TEC Master training shows that we are committed to developing and formalising talent within our dealer network. It is a commitment to ensure that the highly skilled staff that exist within Kawasaki dealerships around the UK are rewarded with recognition of their skills, which are ultimately a benefit to Kawasaki customers that use our services and buy our products.”

“The Kawasaki K-TEC label is regarded higher than the IMI accredited Diagnostic Technician assessment, which forms a minimum standard for Kawasaki dealers. It is our highest level of award for technicians and has a validity of 5 years”, said Richard Metcalfe.

Candidates for the accreditation must pre-qualify by taking an underpinning knowledge test online. Once this is passed, they visit the academy centre at Kawasaki UK headquarters for a robust practical assessment that consists of five of the most difficult hands on tasks that may be encountered in a Technician’s role as well as customer skills and mentoring assessment.

Successful K-TEC Masters from the initial group of candidates include (in no particular order):

Sam Chisnall – P&H Motorcycles
“This accreditation should inspire confidence in customers. I get questions left right and centre from all technicians on a daily basis and I’ve got a couple of apprentices under my wing so having this mark on my shoulder certainly instils confidence in my team as well.  The assessment was hard, I’m not going to lie. I’m a firm believer in training, professionalism and knowledge growth. It’s long past since the days where you could get away with being a basic mechanic and working on a bike, so the manufacturer training that for instance Kawasaki provide, is really beneficial.”
Greg Fedorowicz – DK Motorcycles
“It’s the highest level of Tech training that you can achieve in Kawasaki and I’m happy with this accomplishment. I wish to thank Kawasaki for giving me this opportunity. Our customers are looking for a technician they can trust and they see that our business has employed Kawasaki Master Technicians which puts their minds at ease. I would recommend it to other Kawasaki Technicians. Obviously you need to build you capabilities and have the required level of practical experience, plus you need to take your time and have attention to detail.”
Ben Killgallon – Wheels Motorcycles
“It’s something I’ve been working towards and passing the assessment offers recognition for how far I’ve come in my career. I’m pleased that here at Wheels Motorcycles we invest in our staff and look after them. Customers will see the benefit as well as future Technicians who can draw from my knowledge and hopefully get to that level one day. Obviously it’s designed to be one of the hardest assessments you can do so it makes the qualification worthwhile and It’s not something that just anybody can pass. You have to know your stuff to pass, you definitely can’t just wing it. It’s the most difficult assessment I’ve ever done in the motorcycle industry.”
Neil Grant – Greenham Kawasaki
“It was 25 years ago since I did any kind of theory testing so that was challenging, but in the dealership we do a lot more of the practical side, which I was more competent in during the assessment. We received more than just a certificate, we received recognition of our skill. There was a bit of pressure having worked at Kawasaki Motors UK before Greenham Kawasaki, so I was very very pleased when I found out that I passed and I was over the moon. It was a good opportunity to show your skills as well because the problems in the practical tests were not things you see every day. Whether we passed or failed, it’s fantastic that Kawasaki gave us the opportunity to do this and it’s a credit to Richard Metcalfe and Steve Haswell for getting it sorted.”
For more information on Kawasaki K-TEC Master training, contact Kawasaki Motors UK - customerservice@kawasaki.co.uk  OR  T 01628 856750.