1 April 2018 Set New Limits – The Kawasaki Ninja H2O

Launched amid huge media and public interest at the Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne back in 2014, the 310 horsepower Ninja H2R track-only machine debut was swiftly followed by an unveiling at the Milan EICMA show for its supercharged sibling, the road going H2 model. The hyperbikes have continued to be refined even further and today prepares to conquer new territories: the water.

Enter the Kawasaki Ninja H2O, the world’s first aquatic hyperbike. Based on the H2, the Ninja H2O allows riders to go where few riders have before and extend their ride across the water. Summer rides no longer need stop at the beach, the Ninja H2O switching from ‘Road’ to ‘Water’ mode with the press of a button. Simply ride the Ninja H2O to the water’s edge, engage ‘Water’ mode and enjoy the 300+ horsepower machine. Returning to road riding is equally as simple, return to the water’s edge and re-engage ‘Road’ mode.
As with the H2 and H2R, the Kawasaki Ninja H2O called on every department of Kawasaki heavy Industries during its creation. Kawasaki’s ship-building headquarters in Kobe, Japan provided the base for much of the work, their facilities perfect for testing the new machine in a controlled environment. Years of collaborative research and design have also resulted in several new technologies, such as the Super-Thrust Reverse Impeller (STRI).
The new Super-Thrust Reverse Impeller technology turns the supercharger into a water-jet propulsion system when rode on the water. The technology doesn't stop at the engine, with all the body and mechanical components coated in 'dactari', a substance developed for deep sea underwater atomic molecule yamnotonic protection. The versatile model is fitted with a deep V front fairing for high performance and race-like agility on the road or on the water, designed with the help of Kawasaki Aerospace. A bespoke GPS tracking system is fitted as standard showing the best routes from city to coast and even further.
Special attention has been paid to maintain a consistent feel between modes, road riders able to feel at home on the sea as they do on the tarmac. The Ninja H2O is a truly unique machine and perfect encapsulates the varied sectors which Kawasaki Heavy Industries are involved in.
Japan will be the first country to receive the Ninja H2O in Q4 2018, shortly after the world press launch will centre around a unique tour of Japan. Collected media will begin at the H2O’s birth place in Kobe before riding via the road to Kagawa. Their return will see cross the Seto Inland sea via Shodoshima, known as ‘Olive Island’. The Kawasaki Ninja H2O is scheduled for release in early 2019 in the UK.