22 August 2014 SRC start Oschersleben 8 Hours from second position

After the second qualifying session, the famous Team Kawasaki SRC number 11 bike will start the 8 hour endurance race at Oschersleben from the second spot of the grid.
Even if it seemed the riders were frustrated about not achieving another pole position - due to traffic on the track - Team Manager, Gilles Stafler, was delighted about the result.
“For sure I can understand my riders but the main focus for me is the race. This second position is a really strong result if you consider the fact that is our first time in Oschersleben since 2008.
All the team worked hard during practice because we didn’t have any previous set up data or information about the course and to be in such a position is good evidence about the quality of the work done by the entire team.
We have now to be focus on the race. The target is as clear as possible and as simple as possible. We have to do our best to win this race. From my point of view Oschersleben is the best way to “practice” for Le Mans 24 Hours race. 
The mistake would be to be focus on championship standing and run our race in this inward looking way. Actually for me, honestly speaking, world championship standing is not my priority at this stage”
Grégory Leblanc commented: “We were close to achieving pole it but not quite enough! Anyway the race is tomorrow and we have a strong race pace so I think we could be quite confident.”
Matthieu Lagrive added : “It was not so easy for me to find a clear lap, but it was the same for everybody I guess. We have to focus on the race because I’m sure that the Team Kawasaki SRC Ninja machine will be in front of the race.”
Fabien Foret concluded: “ The traffic on track was a nightmare ! But some guys find the solution and we have to applaud their efforts. As Gregory said, we know that our pace is quite strong and the team is strong on pit stop strategy. I hope we could get the result that we deserve.”
The race will run in daylight only and start at 12h00 on 23 August and the chequered flag will be drop at 20h00.