6 June 2016 Ride to Work Week 2016

Some riders do it every day, others do it when the weathers nice and some wouldn’t dream of using their bikes for getting to and from work. To celebrate Ride to Work Week (Monday 20 June - Sunday 26 June), we’re taking a look at just some of the reasons you should consider commuting to work on two-wheels: 
Make the most of your time
The average commuter in Britain will spend nearly two and a half months or 1708 hours at a standstill in traffic over the course of their lifetime – just imagine what you could be doing instead…
Save money
Many motorcycles and scooters have great fuel consumption figures – take a look at the mpg you get in your car and compare it to riding your motorcycle or scooter economically – you may be surprised.
Have more fun
You know that riding is great fun – so why not do it more often? If the weathers nice then take the scenic route, if the traffic is bad then filter down the middle and smile inside your helmet knowing you’ll get to work quicker.
Easy parking
Not only is parking often free for bikes and scooters, parking spaces are often closer to the entrance and there’s more of them. Don’t waste time driving round and round a car park trying to find a space.
Improved road skill
Riders make better car drivers too. A major industry insurer found that a motorcyclists’ knowledge of road safety is almost twice as good as those who only drive a car**.
We’d love to see your #commutehappy images from your ride to work so upload them to our Facebook page here or send them to Twitter and mention @Kawasaki_News between Monday 20 June and Sunday 26 June. We’ll be giving away a Kawasaki backpack for the best image of the week.
For more information on Ride to Work Week – click here.
** http://www.morebikes.co.uk/bikers-car-insurance-motorcyclists-make-better-drivers/