7 September 2017 Leon Haslam takes delivery of Mule Pro-DX

British Superbike star and JG Speedfit Kawasaki rider Leon Haslam has added to his collection of Kawasakis by taking delivery of a new Kawasaki Mule Pro-DX utility vehicle.
You might usually associate Haslam with two wheels but when it comes to life at home on his Derbyshire farm, he needs something with a wheel in each corner - something that’s tough and capable of handling serious hard work. With selectable two and four-wheel drive plus rear differential lock, power steering, 907kg towing potential and a tipping cargo bed capable of holding 453kg, the Mule Pro-DX makes light work of tough jobs. Haslam plans to put it to work straight away and said:

‘We’ve got wild boar, deer and horse liveries on the farm so transporting food and hay for the animals is really important and having the Mule Pro-DX with its large cargo bed will make that job a lot easier and quicker. I also do a lot of training here on my motocross bike so I’ll be using the Mule for moving dirt along with towing rollers and trailers.

‘Unlike a lot of utility vehicles I’ve used previously, with the Mule you’re fully enclosed with windscreen and doors, which means that when the winter months roll around, I’ll be better protected from the weather while I’m at work using it to move things around the farm.’

With a high torque three-cylinder diesel engine, the Mule Pro-DX isn’t quite as potent as the 200+bhp Ninja ZX-10RR Haslam races in the British Superbike Championship, but after a short initial test drive, he was impressed and said: 

‘The land that we’ve got here is very undulating so being able to get up the hills while carrying things and towing heavy loads is really useful. From what I’ve experienced of it so far, the Mule makes light work of climbing up banks and hills. Getting through bogs and troughs doesn’t seem to be an issue and I’m keen to get it out on the MX track and am looking forward to getting things done with minimal fuss.’

Simon Riches, ATV and Mule Product Manager at Kawasaki UK, said:

‘With the recent introduction of the Mule Pro models into the UK market, it’s now becoming the choice of many professionals with its strong Mule heritage stretching back over 30 years.  The Mule Pro-DX and DXT models have rapidly gained a reputation for reliability and performance and its fantastic to see Leon has recognised this in his choice of utility vehicle for use at home on his farm.’

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