19 September 2017 Kelvin Fletcher passes his bike test with KRTS

Actor Kelvin Fletcher, best known for his role in Emmerdale, has passed his motorcycle test after taking a five-day Kawasaki Rider Training Course with Kawasaki Rider Training Services (KRTS).

Although the character he plays in Emmerdale is most at home on a tractor, off-screen Fletcher is no stranger to motorcycles and his two-wheeled CV consists of riding off-road on a Kawasaki KLX250, plus a handful of track days. With that kind of experience behind him, Kelvin was keen to pass his motorcycle test and start riding on the road.

To become and fully-fledged road rider, Kelvin completed his CBT plus Module 1 and 2 training with Focus Rider Training – a KRTS approved school in Bury. He passed both tests first time and had the following to say about his experience with KRTS:

“I felt really relaxed during both parts of the test and that’s because of the quality of training I received.

“The experience of doing all my training with KRTS has been brilliant. All the training was well structured and delivered at a good pace. Because of the high-quality tuition, the whole process felt easy, which meant that I felt confident and I say that as a road riding novice with no formal training before this.

“Training with KRTS was a really engaging experience and as a result I am now officially a motorbike rider!”

KRTS is a network of industry approved training centres throughout the UK. Schools are accredited to MCIAC standards and operate to strict Kawasaki standards so pupils not only receive high quality training, but also the provision of well-maintained Kawasakis and clean, safe riding gear.

Kelvin completed his training on a #RefinedRaw Kawasaki Z650 and said:

“It was really easy to ride, with loads of torque and it was forgiving too. It was also really light and nimble which made it an ideal bike to learn on."

KRTS courses range from the Kawasaki Two Wheeled Experience for complete novices, through to compulsory basic training, licence training and beyond to bespoke post-test development. KRTS operates in collaboration with the Motorcycle Industry Association to provide safe, thorough and fun professional training and first class customer service.

To find out more about KRTS and to find your local centre, visit: www.kawasaki-krts.co.uk