24 November 2013 Kawasaki unveils “J” personal transport concept vehicle

The 43rd annual Tokyo Motor Show bore witness on its opening day to a number of concept vehicles from Japanese manufacturers keen to explore the theme of the event - "Compete and Shape a new Future".
Chief among them was Kawasaki Heavy Industries with the unveiling of future and mid-term technologies focused on the environment, personal transport and vehicle efficiency.

Capturing the interest of many was the J concept, an imaginative and far-sighted look at the future of urban and suburban personal transport.

As highlighted by Mr Shigehiko Kiyama, President of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Motorcycle & Engine Company, who spoke at the unveiling, the J concept explores the attractive possibility of an adaptable transport platform that is fun, easy and convenient.

“J is a personal mobility system of the future that adapts to the type of travel required”, commented Mr Kiyama.

“From city mobility to fun sport riding, it’s sharp, aggressive styling - like that of Kawasaki motorcycles - is one of its distinguishing characteristics.”

Reflecting on the possible motive power for the J concept should it reach production, Mr Kiyama, drew attention to Kawasaki advanced battery technology and, in particular, GIGACELL®.

“The “J” concept would not be possible without Kawasaki’s proprietary battery management technology, GIGACELL®, a high-capacity nickel-metal hydride battery, that can store large quantities of electricity.”

Using a battery cell as a power source, the “J” 3-wheel electric vehicle could offer a new urban mobility system that adapts to the type of travel required.

Comfort Mode would offer a relaxed riding position for city riding with the rider in a conventional, upright riding position and the adjustable track of the twin front wheels set wider for maximum stability.

In Sport Mode the track would narrow and the overall riding stance become more sporting and aerodynamic allowing the rider to be “as one” with the vehicle for fun, sport riding.

For Kawasaki Motors Europe, Managing Director, Mr Yasushi Kawakami, applauded the thinking behind J and the vision of a bi-modal transport platform.

“While this remains a concept vehicle it is certainly a tempting insight into way that diverse technologies currently under development at Kawasaki Heavy Industries could work in a harmonised and complimentary way.

Like all Kawasaki fans around the world, we look forward with great interest to see the next steps from our imaginative development engineers at KHI.”

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