9 May 2014 Kawasaki launches European Ninja 30 Microsite and Facebook link

As part of the European activities celebrating thirty years of the iconic Ninja brand a microsite has just been launched.
The Ninja30.com landing page gives access to information areas in 16 European languages, each with its own dedicated Ninja timeline.

Unfolding over a thirty week period, each week significant Ninja machines, historic race victories and memorable events will be highlighted. 

With a link to the Facebook pages of each participating country, there is also a “Fan Gallery” featuring Ninja enthusiasts from across Europe can contribute to by uploading pictures of themselves along with their favourite Ninja machine.

Commenting on the launch of Ninja30.com, Shigemi Tanaka of Kawasaki Motors Europe encouraged fans to view the site and become involved.

“At Kawasaki we are understandably proud of our long line of Ninja machines stretching back for three decades. We see this new Microsite and other celebrations as ways of recognising the people that have made this series of impressive motorcycles so memorable, our loyal owners and riders”.

See the site here: http://www.ninja30.com/