27 June 2016 Kawasaki excited to launch Kawasaki Rider Training Services

The first dealerships and training schools have signed up to Kawasaki Rider Training Services – with the objective of having a UK wide network of schools and approved training bodies offering professional rider training to industry leading and MCIAC (The Motorcycle Industry Accreditation Centre) endorsed standards within three years from July 2016.
A service for all current and future Kawasaki customers, the schools and dealer onsite facilities are still independent but are officially endorsed and branded by Kawasaki. Customers will learn to ride on new, well-maintained Kawasaki machinery - the KLX 125 for Learners and CBT courses and the ER650 for full licence courses.

Mark Spiller, Kawasaki’s Marketing and Brand Development Manager commented: “This is a very exciting project for Kawasaki and Industry leading. Our plan is to have around 60 KRTS Training Schools associated or affiliated to our dealer network within three years. These centres will offer the highest standard of service and a first class customer experience. There will also be a package of customer benefits included – we’ll be announcing further details on this shortly.”

Mike and Paul from Phoenix SW Ltd Motorcycle Training in Bristol said: “As a professional motorcycle training school, we recognised the need to start a working relationship with a dealer as soon as possible. We did this in Bristol with Kawasaki in 2012. Following the MCIAC scheme we were delighted to hear of the KRTS scheme and wanted to join as soon as possible. We are delighted to be one of the first KRTS schools and work with a manufacturer. We’re also keen to raise the standards of motorcycle training provision in line with our own motto, 'raising the standards'‎. We’re proud to work with Bristol Kawasaki and work within the KRTS scheme.”
Ros Jones, Director of Ipswich Rider Training Ltd, added: ““As one of the first to go through the MCIA Accreditation process I began to understand what it was all about i.e. improving the quality of training schools in this country. Traditionally a network of scarcely supervised small businesses, the motorcycle training industry on occasions has been plagued by sub-standard and indifferent practices which impacts on the safety of new motorcyclists. Improve the quality and you will improve safety. Improve safety and you will improve how motorcycling is perceived in the UK. Improve the perception and we can expect more encouraging and supportive measures from the Government towards motorcycling.

“As part of this quality assurance I’ve always wanted to offer a really special experience to the customer and Kawasaki seems to have the same vision. Customers should be able to rely on the quality behind the brand when it comes to training in the same way as when they buy any other Kawasaki product. Our school will benefit from offering a new product apart from our competitors, realistically priced. This is why we have signed up to the scheme and are looking forward to helping make it a success.”

Find out more about the Kawasaki Rider Training Services website and find your nearest centre here: www.kawasaki-krts.co.uk