6 November 2020 Kawasaki caters to all riders with a revised 2021 model line-up

Despite COVID-19 restrictions impacting production lines, Kawasaki Motors UK is excited for 2021, with a wide collection of machines available for both new and existing riders. With the all-new Versys 1000 S and further models coming later this month, the range is bolstered with a host of off-road, learner-legal, tourer, sports and modern classic motorcycles
The new Kawasaki Versys 1000 S is set to provide riders seeking adventure with the ultimate partner for their next tour, coming equipped with many of the features from the popular SE model. This all-new machine is going to be joined by other exciting models which will be revealed to the world on November 23rd.
These new models strengthen Kawasaki’s existing model range, ensuring riders from all backgrounds will be able to enjoy the latest style and technology from the brand. New motorcyclists looking for a small capacity machine will be able to take advantage of the Z125 and Ninja 125, both of which receive new colourways for 2021.
Also receiving new colours for the new year is Kawasaki’s quartet of twin-cylinder 650cc machines, the Ninja 650, Versys 650, Z650 and cruiser styled Vulcan S as well as the Z1-inspired Z900RS.
Whilst the aim of Kawasaki is to provide riders with a full range of products for 2021, limitations on production following the COVID-19 pandemic added to the significant amount of re-engineering required to meet the stringent Euro 5 standards, means that a small number of models have not yet been converted to meet the Euro 5 specification. These models include the J125, J300, Ninja 400, Z400, ZX-6R and Ninja H2 and Ninja H2 SX family. Dealer stocks of certain models will mean end users will experience little disruption to availability. Engineers in Akashi are working to bring key models back into production in the shortest timeframe possible.
Kawasaki Motors UK is committed to giving riders at all levels of experience an extensive choice of motorcycles, continuing its first-class customer service through its expansive network of authorised dealers.
Craig Watson, Kawasaki Motors UK Sales & Marketing Manager, added, “Kawasaki has always strived to give motorcyclists an attractive array of exciting machines to choose from, and despite the coronavirus pandemic causing disruption, that remains true for 2021. The new models continue to demonstrate Kawasaki’s innovation, meaning that our 2021 model year line up guarantees that there is something for everyone.”