18 January 2021 Kawasaki Dealer Highlight – Holeshot Motocross

The UK might be back in another lockdown, but our extensive dealer network remains open for essential repairs and maintenance, as well as offering ‘click and collect’ services on bikes, spares and merchandise.
As we wait to get back on the road and seeking new adventures, we thought we would highlight some of our Kawasaki dealers from across the country, and today we had a quick chat with Liam Ulett at Holeshot Motocross.
KMUK: So, firstly, tell us a little but about Holeshot Motocross?
HM: “Well we’re based in Salisbury, and nowadays we’re are one of Kawasaki’s Largest off-road dealers. However, the journey began about 15 years ago when I was buying and selling motorbikes from home! I was working in the car trade at the time, but bikes were my passion so I began working from my home and I was slowly able to grow and move up to bigger premises to the new state-of-the-art premises we operate from today.”
What made you choose Kawasaki?
HM: “I’ve always ridden Kawasaki’s and my first bike was actually a KX60 in about 1996, so I’m naturally a big fan of the brand. When we moved into our first premises they were the first, and only, franchise I had at the time and since then the level of care and support from them has been incredible and they really look after their dealers.
For me, they are also one of the most solid and recognisable brands in the off-road world. Even when we have non-motorcyclists coming in for their first bike they know the name Kawasaki!”
You mentioned your new showroom, when did that open?
HM: “Yeah, we’re really proud of our new place. It’s still based in Salisbury, on the same trading estate that we have always been on, but it’s our biggest and most up to date yet. My dream has always been to have one of those one-stop-shop style venues for motocross riders, like those you see in America, and this new 30,000 square foot facility is our chance to offer off-road fans that option.
We are now able to offer everything, from new and used bikes to spare parts, servicing and everything in between. We even stock the latest Kawasaki Mules, Utility and latest edition is Watercraft too!
How has the last year been for you?
HM: “The lockdown has certainly been tough – we only officially launched our new premises on December 1st so to go straight into a lockdown certainly wasn’t ideal! We are open though for click and collect services, and it’s been fantastic to see how many people are still purchasing bikes and spares.
The all-new electric start 2021 KX250 has also been a huge point of interest for our customers. We completely sold out before it had even arrived and we’re still getting requests about it.”
You’ve been with Kawasaki for a while, has there been a particular highlight?
HM: “That’s a tough one. We’ve had some fantastic memories with the brand over the years, but I think the work we did with Tommy Searle was one of the best. Partnering with him and lifting the MX1 title is something we’ll always remember.”