31 July 2017 K-World Tour: Mallory Park

Last weekend marked the final stop on the K-World Tour as we arrived at Mallory Park on Saturday to offer a day of demo road rides on a wide range of 2017 Kawasaki models.
The circuit itself saw plenty of action with No Limits running a busy track day and stunt virtuoso Lee Bowers entertaining spectators with his unique blend of skilful, acrobatic riding and entertaining commentary.

There were plenty of bikes available to try including the Z900, Versys-X 300, Ninja 650, Z1000SX, and the ZX-10RR, plus a Ninja H2 – which proved a hit with all who rode it.

One rider who couldn’t turn down the chance to experience the phenomenal power of the Ninja H2 was Andrew Ward, who got off and said:

‘Wow. It was easier to ride than I imagined. I was being well-behaved because it’s not my bike, but I could still feel that it was very powerful. The noise of the supercharger is really addictive and you can really feel it working. It also makes a great sound when you let off the throttle. It’s an amazing piece of kit and a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be.’

But as we all know, you don’t need huge power to have lots of fun, which is why Steve Henson took a Versys-X 300 out for a test ride and had the following to say afterwards:

‘I ride an ER-6n and am a fan of naked bikes so the Versys-X 300 is totally different to what I’d normally ride, but I like how lovely and smooth it is. It’s so planted and solid in corners – I felt really confident and comfortable just chucking it about and it was really easy to ride because of that.’

Mike Berrowman, who attended the previous stop of the K-World Tour at Cadwell Park, decided to return this weekend and we caught up with him after he’d been for a spin on a Ninja 650.

‘My son had one of these and really liked it, which is why I’ve taken it out today. I think it’s a great first bike and good value. If I was looking for something in this class – a mid-capacity twin-cylinder bike, the Ninja 650 would be top of my list,’ he said.

The K-World Tour might have concluded for 2017 but your local dealer will be happy to arrange test rides and we will also have our demo fleet available at the 2017 BikeSafe event at Rockingham Motor Speedway on Saturday 19 August.

For more information about BikeSafe 2017, go to www.bikesafe.co.uk.