11 September 2009 Get On

100,000 free rides up for grabs. If you have not heard of Get On and what it is all about, don’t worry you soon will.

In fact, keep reading and you’ll discover not just what this fresh new motorcycle and scooter initiative is about, but how you can help to introduce someone to the world of motorcycles that we all enjoy.

With the backing of many of the major players in the UK motorcycle industry, including motorcycle manufacturers, dealers, tyre companies, insurers and many involved in the accessory trade, Get On is focussed on growing the motorcycle and scooter market in the UK by appealing to people completely new to this form of fun and convenient transport.

If you are a biking nut already it may be hard to recall what it felt like when you did not have a bike. You know, all those traffic jams in your car, being late as you fought through endless queues then finding nowhere to park… and always at the fuel pumps instead of enjoying the sensation of getting from A to B in a fun and ecologically friendly way.

Well now Get On is making access to two wheels easy and it has an ambitious plan to introduce 100,000 people to a motorcycle or scooter in its very first year. That’s right, places have been made available up and down the UK at motorcycle training facilities for 100,000 people to experience biking for the every first time – and the best thing is that its totally FREE! You don’t have to have any kit as it will be provided on the day, all you need is the desire to ride and enjoy a scooter or motorcycle… hardly a chore eh!

By logging on to the Get On web site, people can book a free ride at a training centre near them and swing a leg over a bike to see what the talk is all about. Not just that, the site also features information and advice on a vast range of biking topics like clothing and accessories, dealer locations, types of bikes, riding and safety tips plus a whole lot more.

It has been created to be an on line environment where people new to bikes can both find out information in a “jargon free” environment and share their experiences with others, a sort of “online community” of people taking their first tentative steps to being motorcyclists together.

Already Get On has attracted new faces to the world of motorcycling such as Simon Webbe of Blue and international cricket star, Darren Gough and more famous names look set to follow soon.

With literally hundreds of websites, forums and other tools available to motorcycle enthusiasts, Get On, via its core web site, social networking tools, motorcycle dealer involvement and full scale PR campaign, fills a huge gap in the market; that very first step into the world of motorcycling. That means the site looks different to full-on bike sites, it has no racing news or technical gossip that could easily intimidate and put off the person that has just witnessed a bike get to the head of a traffic queue and thought they would try to find out more.

With the backing of the majority of those selling motorcycles and scooter in the UK (Kawasaki were the first to join), and coordinated via a dedicated team appointed by the UK Motorcycle Industry association, Get On is a fantastic chance to expand the market for scooter and motorcycles in the UK.

Ask your local dealer today about Get On or log on to www.get-on.co.uk and find out more