5 November 2013 EICMA NEWS: Kawasaki enters a Brave New World with the J300 Scooter

Kawasaki is famous for pushing boundaries, responding to customer needs and producing motorcycles not just for the present but, equally, for an exciting two wheeled future.

For 2014, Kawasaki’s vision for personal transport expands into a brave new world with the introduction of the stunning new J300 Scooter.

Styled by Kawasaki’s talented product design team, the J300 represents a significant step in the company’s quest to provide innovative and characteristic vehicles ideally suited to the rapidly evolving transport environment.

Familiar yet challenging, the J300 has a dramatic presence that will appeal not simply to existing scooter riders but also a vast potential audience of male and female riders – and potential riders - of every age group keen to experience the sheer fun, style, practicality and convenience that a scooter offers.

Drawing influences from the Ninja family, the angular cowling, impressive twin headlamps and dramatic LED tail light are the start of a styling and engineering journey revealing a machine with the character worthy of a Kawasaki.

Powered by a fully automatic 299cc single cylinder, water-cooled engine, the J300 is as suited to precision of city commuting and the hustle of the urban environment as it is when relaxing at the weekend out of town on highways or twisting country roads.

With twin adjustable rear shock absorbers tuneable for solo and passenger carrying, suspension duties at the front end are precisely controlled by 37mm telescopic forks offering a sporty, comfortable ride.

Having petal disc rotors front and rear acted on by twin piston calipers and served by high quality steel mesh hoses – plus the option of ABS – the J300’s agility and manoeuvrability are indeed impressive.

For the scooter owner nothing is more important than style and convenience and from a rider perspective, the J300 offers a stunning riding environment combined with a host of clever detail features. From the span adjustable brake levers - offering comfort for all hand sizes - to the shutter protected ignition switch, the design team have considered every aspect.

Focusing on the metallic style handlebar cover and the convenient glovebox – complete with its 12v accessory socket - the riders eyes are then drawn to the highly specified instrumentation with easy to read speedometer and rev counter and an array of function lights.

Looking forwards and then down, the J300 rider will appreciate the fit and finish of the high quality bodywork and clever features like cargo hook and footboard heel grips to facilitate greater riding control and footboard leg cut-outs for convenience when stationary. Likewise, the J300 passenger has motorcycle style foot-pegs for superior relaxation and ergonomic fit.

The comfort of the plush, deeply padded seat adds yet more quality to the riding experience and, at the turn of a key, the seat raises to a reveal a large storage area equipped with automatic illumination and able to take a full face crash helmet as well as a document case.

For the J300 rider, adding even more style and convenience is simple thanks to a range of Kawasaki genuine accessories. With several top case options plus an optional weather-beating higher screen, the J300 delivers Kawasaki style, convenience, performance and practicality to the scooter arena.

“Kawasaki is keen to offer a broad approach to consumers transport needs”, commented Yasushi Kawakami, Managing Director of Kawasaki Motors Europe. “As our first scooter in the European marketplace, the J300 is at the vanguard of our wider thinking in terms of personal transport needs.

Kawasaki dealers across Europe can now offer a full line of powered two-wheelers confident that there will be yet more exciting innovations to come in the near future.”