15 December 2016 All I want for Christmas…is a H2

A Kawasaki Ninja H2 is probably on most people’s Christmas lists, but top stunt rider Lee Bowers was able to receive his Christmas present a little early this year… 
It might have been a cold, slightly damp morning at Northamptonshire’s Santa Pod Raceway but Lee Bowers was just like a kid on Christmas morning waiting to open his presents.

As soon as the supercharged machine was delivered, Lee took the opportunity to test it out on the Santa Pod drag strip where the world-renowned sound of the H2 reverberated around the facility.

“I couldn’t sleep last night, I was like a kid at Christmas and I genuinely couldn’t sleep. It’s a beautiful bike and I don’t feel like it’s mine at the moment. I can’t wait to use it properly this year, I think it’ll feature in some promotional videos and we’ll see where we go from there, but I want to use it as much as possible.” 

The H2, costing over £20,000, was launched in 2015 and embodies Kawasaki’s passion for performance, the search for technical excellence and a desire to achieve road riding perfection. Equipped with a Supercharger designed and constructed entirely in-house, the stunning H2 stands apart from other motorcycles in the market.

Although Lee may now have his own H2 for the year it’s not the first time he’s experienced the 200 horsepower bike, although he does promise to look after this one…

“I rode one during K-World Live at Silverstone but I have more freedom here with this one as it’s mine. I’m pretty good though with my bikes and although people see me do wheelies and all sorts of stunts I do look after my bikes. I’m just going to have some fun with the H2 and take it to all my shows so people can see it.”