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The Kawasaki Racing Team – Tom Sykes towel is a fashion and trend item, but without forgetting that this is a high-tech product designed to meet specific drying needs. The materials used in the production can offer an excellent technical property that finishes with all the disadvantages of a traditional cotton towel.

• No Wrinkles
You'll never have to iron your towel.
• Durability
Great sun, time, and wear resistance.
• Inodorous
Width the support of no bacteria, no microbial and no odor.
• Light & Easy to Carry
Only 170 gr/m2. Ultra-thin, ideal for travelling.
• Highly Absorbent
Absorb up to 400% of its own weight in water.
• Quick Drying
It dries itself 25% faster than cotton
• Super Compact
0,54 mm takes it super compact
• Dimensions
173 x 92 cm