Official Kawasaki Mystery Merch Packs!

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Limited-Time Offer: Until the end of July, we’re thrilled to present our exclusive Official Kawasaki Mystery Packs!
What’s Inside?
Each pack contains a curated mix of the finest official Kawasaki merchandise.

Choose from three exciting options, but hurry—stocks are limited!

1.          Mystery Pack 1 (Minimum 9 items):
             Minimum RRP Value: £250
             Mystery Pack Price: £169.95
             Minimum Savings: £80.05

2.          Mystery Pack 2 (Minimum 7 items):
             Minimum RRP Value: £160
             Mystery Pack Price: £99.95
             Minimum Savings: £60.05

3.          Mystery Pack 3 (Minimum 6 items):
             Minimum RRP Value: £100
             Mystery Pack Price: £62.95
             Minimum Savings: £37.05

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity and grab your mystery pack today!